• Digital Learning Consultant, Artist

    Building better experiences through bespoke design and development.

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I bring award-winning expertise as a digital learning specialist and multimedia artist. With a strong track record across diverse business sectors and renowned brands, my focus lies in crafting immersive digital learning journeys using innovative multimedia design and compelling visual storytelling.

My passion lies in merging technology with design to craft impactful creations. I thrive on the challenge of pushing boundaries, constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate.

Bespoke e-Learning Development

Customised e-learning solutions designed specifically to enhance workplace performance is a specialty. Whether it’s swift content creation or the development of engaging scenarios, serious games, and simulations, you can trust me to address the most challenging learning requirements.

Digital and Traditional Artist

I’m both a traditional and digital artist, weaving the classic strokes of traditional mediums with the endless possibilities of digital tools. From brush to stylus, I merge age-old techniques with modern technology, creating art that spans nostalgia and innovation.

Coach, Mentor and Workshops

In talks, I engage audiences with relatable stories and actionable advice. Creative workshops under my guidance are interactive spaces where ideas flourish, sparking innovation and skill development. The focus is on concrete outcomes and empowering participants to apply newfound knowledge.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

From ancient cave paintings to the modern internet age, storytelling has always captivated us. As a visual storyteller, I take pride in merging diverse perspectives into narratives, creating a meaningful connection with learners. Explore the timeless art of storytelling through creative visuals, connecting with people on a deeper level for impactful learning journeys.

Discover my insights on the intersection of immersive learning and the humanitarian sector, as requested by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Delve into the discussion against the backdrop of heightened global interest and involvement in artificial intelligence. Listen to the podcast here.

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